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Glamping Ontario: Epic Spots You Don’t Want to Miss | Four Corners

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Learn everything you need to know about glamping hotspots in Ontario. What you can expect from glamping, where are the best glamping sites, and how glamping could be your perfect vacation experience.

Glamping in Ontario: The Ultimate Guide To the Best Outdoor Adventure

Ontario is known for having some of the most stunning landscapes in Canada.

Glamping in Ontario is one of the best ways to experience all of the amazing nature Ontario has to offer, allowing you to be out in the wild, enjoying all of the great things camping has to offer while leaving the heavy lifting behind.

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about glamping in Ontario:

  • What you can expect from glamping

  • Where are the best glamping sites

  • How glamping could be your perfect vacation experience

Glamping in Ontario: What Do I Need to Know?

If the term glamping is new to you, you may be a little confused about what it entails and whether it is the right getaway option for you. There are a lot of different glamping sites across Ontario that offer a variety of experiences. Some are more rustic, others more luxurious. Here you can check out 10 of the top glamping destinations in Ontario:

Most campgrounds that advertise glamping mean expensive all-inclusive stays mainly marketed towards couples - that’s not really our thing at Four Corners. We’re *family* glamping (dare we say famping!) - we concentrate on affordable stays for couples, families and groups.

Use this guide for a great understanding of what to expect on your next glamping trip:

What Is Glamping?

As humans, we are always searching for new and innovative ways to connect with the outdoors and experience nature. Remote locations that were once only accessible for the best-trained outdoorsman have become vacation locations for everyday people thanks to technology and innovation.

Glamping is one of the many innovations that has happened in recent years in our quest to connect with the outdoors. Glamping is a made-up word of sorts, combining the two words glamorous and camping because it is essentially both of these two things! Glamping brings modern comforts to the great outdoors, making outdoor adventure more accessible than ever.

Who Is Glamping Best Suited For?

The short answer is… Everyone! Glamping is a carefree and accessible way to sleep under the stars - it caters to both camping novices and ninjas!

⛺️ We have guests come from far and wide to experience their first time ever sleeping in a tent.

🛶 We’ve hosted experienced backcountry trippers who are looking for a dry, comfortable rest after their big adventure.

And, we’ve hosted everyone in between!

👨🏽‍🤝‍👨🏿 Couples who have one experienced camper and one first timer.

🤱🏻 Families who are introducing their baby to the wilderness (did we mention you can set up a pack and play in our tents?).

👩‍💻 Families who haven’t camped in years due to the business of life and no longer have equipment.

Most people think glamping is great and once they try it, they never go back. In fact, over the last two years, 30% of all leisure travellers have taken a trip that they define as glamping.

I love a good adventure as much as the next gal. Cold nights and lugging heavy gear through the forest doesn’t deter me - But I don't want to do it every time. And most of the people I love spending time with would never want to pitch a tent on a rainy night, miles from civilization.

This is why glamping is great, because it is accessible for everyone and you can bring even your most nature-adverse loved ones along. If you don't own a tent, don’t want to buy expensive camping gear to use for one weekend trip, hate the idea of sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag, have a disability that makes being outdoors more difficult for you, it doesn't matter – you can still go glamping and have a great time connecting with nature.

Do I Need To Be ‘Outdoorsy’ To Go Glamping?

One of the great things about glamping in Ontario is that you don't need to have a whole bunch of knowledge about the outdoors, or expensive equipment. You simply arrive at your campsite, and you are ready to experience all the great things the outdoors has to offer.

No Set-Up or Packing

When you go glamping, you simply show up at your glampsite, enjoy your getaway and then go home. No setting up tents in the rain, realizing you forgot your sleeping bag, or finding out that one of your tent pegs is missing. You arrive, everything is set up, and you have everything you need to enjoy your time outdoors and you can get straight into relaxing and enjoying your time away from the city.

Glamping also means you can spend more time adventuring and less time packing up your site or worrying about whether there is somewhere to go to the washroom (some sites, like Four Corners in Algonquin have full, clean and modern toilets - a huge plus! And, let’s not forget about hot showers!)

Plugged In

It is great to disconnect sometimes. Glamping lets you do just that, by letting you get away into nature. But it also means that you can connect back to the world if you need to. It's not practical for many people to be unreachable for a few days, and you might want to look up that amazing bird or fox you just saw. Glamping sites in Ontario give you wifi and power outlets so if it is really necessary, you can still get on your phone. At Four Corners Algonquin we are completely off-the-grid but not disconnected. Charge your phone with our solar powered charging stations in each tent, and enjoy free guest wifi.

Sleep Like a Baby

Maybe you’ve had a traumatic camping experience. You didn't sleep a wink. You were in the freezing cold, your sleeping bag was thin, it rained all night, and you had pitched your tent on top of a rock that dug into your back.

Well, when you go glamping you don't need to worry about that. Glamping tents come with a big cozy bed that you will just melt into after a great day exploring the outdoors. Thick blankets, bug nets, crisp sheets, and fluffed pillows give you all the comfort you need for a great night's sleep.

When and Where To Go Glamping In Ontario

So, now you're sold on glamping and you are thinking “Where can I go glamping in Ontario?”

Luckily for you, you are in a province with stunning nature reserves, and many exciting campgrounds that offer unique and interesting glamping experiences.

Summer Vs. Winter Glamping in Ontario

Is glamping in Ontario better in Summer or Winter? The answer is down to personal preference. Many people prefer the warmer weather that summer brings and the activities like canoeing or bike riding that become more accessible.

However, there is also a lot to do in winter in Ontario. You can snuggle up in a glamping tent, drink warm hot chocolate and maybe even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Here are some of our favourite glamping experiences from across Ontario:

Stargazing in Bubble Tents in Algonquin

Rest and relax in a unique form of accommodation which will make your city escape one of the most special adventures of your life.

Sleep in a transparent tent where you can take in the stunning views of the stars, learn the constellations, and discover the Milky Way. At Four Corners in Algonquin, you can view our location-specific night sky forecast based on data from the Canadian Meteorological Center up to 36 hours ahead of your visit. We often see some of the clearest views of the stars that you will find this close to Toronto.

The layout and structure of the site has been optimized for stargazing and our transparent bubble tents mean that you can sleep in a see-through dome and enjoy impressive views of the stars in comfort – no bugs, no cold, just spectacular views, a cup of hot chocolate and the extraordinary experience of watching a blanket of stars scattered across the night sky.

August is an especially great time to go, as the skies are alive with the Perseids meteor shower. In 2022, watch shooting stars dance across the sky from July 17th to August 26th.

Birdwatching in Treehouses in Prince Edward County

Robin’s Roost Treehouse Experience is located at the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary. This is an incredible experience for anyone who loves birds or wants to try a unique form of accommodation.

Let out your inner child and sleep in a wooden treehouse, letting the sounds of animals and leaves blowing in the wind help you drift off to sleep.

You can wake up and sip coffee on the deck of the treehouse, listening to some of the over 150 varieties of birds that populate the park welcome the day.

Agro-Tourism at a Brewery in Consecon

Fronterra Farm and Brewery is located in Prince Edward County. Stay in rustic log-framed prospector tents where you can reconnect by enjoying time exploring the farm and learning about the barley growing process. Learn about the production of beer and get a tour of the brewery.

You can also explore the beautiful scenery of Prince Edward County by canoeing across the lakes or biking one of the many trails in the area.

Go Glamping In Ontario

Glamping has soared in popularity over the past few years for good reason. If you are thinking about taking a glamping trip in Ontario, you should. There are so many great experiences to be had in Ontario and with the luxuries that glamping brings, those experiences are now more accessible than ever.

Glamping in Ontario also provides the advantage of being able to adhere to COVID restrictions while simultaneously having a guilt-free and fun vacation.

Still not sure if glamping in Ontario is for you. Check out our FAQ to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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