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Building a living, building a life

Each and every guest we host at Four Corners Algonquin matters. A great deal. To our whole community.

Here's why: Tourism dollars earned by residents of a community are typically spent locally, which means your support for rural enterprises like ours also trickles down to support our entire community in ways you might not expect: from wages, to purchases from other local businesses, to the people who care for our children and seniors. Your patronage means that we get to keep our grocery store and restaurants. Our schools stay open. We have emergency services and public spaces. People can afford to build both a living and a life here.

We are all grateful for your patronage, especially during the pandemic, which has challenged rural resources and communities to the brink.

Four Corners Algonquin is deeply engaged in community building activities. We want you to know that when you support us, you're also supporting a larger social agenda that prioritizes rural resilience more broadly. Our goal is to engage in a way that allows South Algonquin and every rural community to thrive. If you're curious to know more, ask us. We're happy to tell you all about it!

By booking a stay with us, you're also supporting our social agenda!

Four Corners Algonquin Kissing Tree
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