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Camping vs Glamping: What’s the Difference? | Four Corners

Updated: May 30

Looking for your next adventure? This article will walk you through the differences between camping vs glamping, and some of the perks you can expect at Four Corners Algonquin that will take your rustic camping experience and give it a comfort twist!

You already know you want to spend time in nature and you’re going to use your vacation time to do it.

You should and can have an experience that delivers on everything you hope it to be: memorable, rejuvenating, inspiring and fun.

Some people (ourselves included) love the simple joy of a back-to-basics camping trip in a small tent in the woods with nothing but the essentials… But this might not be what everyone wants all of the time. Plus, camping isn’t always fully accessible to everyone, for a number of reasons.

We get that - which is why we offer fully accessible and comfortable options here at Four Corners by providing glamping and camping on the edge of Algonquin in Ontario. We’re here to mix rustic camping with cozy glamping so you get the most out of your next adventure.

But, many of our guests often ask us “how is glamping different from camping?”

In this article we will:

  • Define what glamping is

  • Explain how glamping is different than camping

  • Share glamping in Ontario spots

  • Explain what glamping is at Four Corners Algonquin

What is glamping?

Technically, the definition of glamping is: a style of camping with amenities. The word originally is known to blend together “glamorous” with “camping” as a way to experience nature and all of the beauty that comes with camping, but with modern luxuries.

Here at Four Corners, we offer a style of glamping that combines the creature comforts that come with our tents with a more authentic camping experience that will bring you closer to nature. Our glamping tents aren’t the same as regular camping tents. Instead, you can choose to sleep in a bubble dome tent, a safari tent or our tiny home - The Bunkie. All of our accommodations come with beds - did we mention some have King-Sized beds, and depending on which one you choose - solar powered lighting and a charging station.

Think: no set-up, no pack-up, access to hot showers, clean bathrooms, a private fire-pit, Muskoka chairs, and any extra camping equipment you may need.

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What’s the difference between camping vs glamping?

Okay, so we’ve defined what glamping is, and what it looks like at Four Corners, now, let’s break down the top five differences between camping and glamping at Four Corners so that you can choose your own comforts when you book your next visit to the great outdoors.



Rustic camp site in a warm sleeping bag on the earthy ground.

Rustic camp site in a warm sleeping bag or bed linens and pillows… on a bed, sitting on a raised platform.

Backpacks and coolers full of everything you’ll need to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

​Easy to access, affordable to use camping supplies provided and/or available to rent at our Quartermaster Shack. You barely have to worry about packing! (What should I bring?)

Fresh air, the stars, and that peaceful feeling that you are at one with nature.

​Fresh air, the stars, and an air locked bubble-tent that will stop the bugs from feeling at one with you.

​Disconnect from the demands of the world by shutting down your phone and detaching yourself from wifi.

​Stay connected on your own terms. There’s wifi here - but nobody back home needs to know if you don’t want to tell them.

​Distance from the expectations from society. No showers? No pressure. Hygiene is overrated when you’re trekking through the woods.

You’re still distant from society, but you can shower here. We have showers at our Comfort Station for your (optional) hygienic use.

What is glamping like at Four Corners Algonquin?

You can indulge yourself in a comfortable camping trip without all the heavy lifting here. Four Corners Algonquin is a 90-acre, off-grid, dark-sky-friendly and accessible campground on Hwy 60 in Whitney at the edge of Algonquin Park’s east gate. You can enjoy the mesmerizing dance of campfire flames and breathtaking views of the milky way in our low light-pollution wilderness facility.

We feature fully erected and weather-tight safari tents, pole tents, bell tents, and tiny homes ideal for self-reliant travelers, those seeking an authentic but more comfortable camping experience, or just a dry place to stay fuss-free before or after a backcountry expedition.

What tents are used for glamping at Four Corners?

Here are the tent options you can choose from when you’re considering your visit at Four Corners:

We have medium and large Safari/Prospector Tents to choose from which offer plenty of sleeping space (king beds, floor mattresses, twin beds) so that you can sleep comfortably whether you’re on your own or with a group.

If you’re looking for a more unusual place to stay, gaze at the stars all night long (clouds permitting) in one of our brand new, bug/pollen free, transparent Bubble Tents! These are inflatable round tents with airlock chambers and screened vents that keep 99% of bugs outside.

Our one and only wooden “tent” is our Bunkie. It’s a tiny, tiny home, but sleeps three comfortably in a bunk bed with a pull-out mattress. Another great option for people travelling on a budget (or for people who want a door between you and the great outdoors while you sleep).

(Keep an eye on our social media to see how you and up to two friends may be able to spend a night in one of our bunkie spaces for free in future seasons!)

If you’re looking for authentic camping in Ontario on a budget, our Pole Tents are just big enough for two, and equipped with two single mattresses that together make a queen size bed.

Supplies, passes and perks

All of our tents come with an Algonquin Park Pass to use for free. This pass will save you the $21/day admission fee into Algonquin Park. We provide free beach and trail accessible wheelchairs and free baby supplies. The rest of our supplies are affordable (rent for $0-5.00/day!) and can be booked a day in advance of when you’ll need them. Passes and supplies can be found here.

Another bonus? We have pet-friendly spaces for you and your fur-family to enjoy!

Ready to book your next glamping trip in Ontario?

If you’re looking for a wilderness getaway, Four Corners Algonquin has something for you.

No matter your age, stage or ability, we pride ourselves on removing as many barriers as possible to help as many people as possible reconnect with the great outdoors. Whether it’s a tight budget, lack of equipment, minimal to zero camping experience, accessibility concerns or apprehension about camping, we provide options for everyone.

If you’re ready to book, then we’re ready to welcome you! Here’s where you start your next adventure.

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