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Top 10 Reasons to Glamp at Four Corners Algonquin

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: If you like getting up at the crack of dawn to compete for Ontario Parks camp sites on your favourite summer weekends so you can highway camp with your family and 300 noisy strangers, this blog is NOT for you!

✅ On the other hand, if you’re looking for an alternative to the crowds and busy-ness of what’s supposed to be your most relaxing (but often isn’t) week of the year, read on to discover how staying at Four Corners Algonquin Camping and Glamping is just what you’ve been looking for. We’ve even just been named one of Ontario’s top 10 glamping destinations!

Let’s count down the top 10 reasons to glamp at Four Corners, starting with number 10…

A glamping site in Four Corners Algonquin

10. Avoid the Camping Crowds

Rustic, convenient and quiet Four Corners Algonquin is small and rustic enough to give you that back-country camping feeling just a stone’s throw from the highway, without sacrificing convenience and access. We have fewer than 25 sites, all with a higher degree of privacy than any highway camp site. We also have all the amenities you want and need. And our community - South Algonquin - is naturally on the quiet side of the park. No Muskoka lineups, crowds, or traffic… just quiet as far as the eye can see.

With this year’s Ontario staycation tax credit, the camping craze will continue - so take picking your dates early seriously.

9. Site Privacy

Natural, private sites All of our sites are larger than most campsites in the park, and while we do have sites more suited to group camping, most of our sites are quite private. Some of them are in denser bush and give you visual boundaries from your neighbours. Others are open and in the sunlight, yet set apart. If you’re not sure which one to choose, reach out and we’ll help you pick.

See our blog about our top 5 most popular tents and sites to find the perfect pitch for you.

8. Great Beaches Nearby

Sandy beaches nearby Galeairy Beach in Whitney is probably the township’s best kept secret. Sandy beach, docks, sheltered pavilion, bathrooms, and muskoka chairs, all facing the most gorgeous cotton candy sunsets Algonquin has to deliver. The best part is it’s hardly ever busy and just a three minute drive from our place. If that doesn’t suit, there are easily more than half a dozen alternate fresh-water beaches within a 20 minute drive in either direction.

7. Miles of Trails in South Algonquin

A hiker’s paradise Another great secret of South Algonquin is our 40 km long trail that runs along the old Ottawa-Arnprior-Parry Sound railway line from Whitney to Madawaska. Popular with snowmobilers and ATVs year round, the South Algonquin Business is launching a 3 year $300,000 investment in upgrading this system to a multi-use, multi-season trail suitable for everyone from walkers and bikers, to motorized sports. We’ll also be connecting this trail to the Spectacle Lake - Bear - Burnetts Mountain system in Barry’s Bay. Stay tuned for new sport opportunities within our township.

6. Pet Friendly Glamping

Your furry friends are invited

We know that bringing furry friends to camp is a priority for a lot of our guests. In 2021 we introduced three new pet-friendly sites, and we’re doubling that to six this year. We’ve set these sites up along the new road and constructed them with more privacy in mind so you have more control over your pup’s stimulation. Keeping your pets leashed and accompanied at all times will help keep them safe while you’re here.

5. Bubble Tents

One-of-a-kind accommodations Have you heard about our bubble tents? These 9’ diameter round inflatable dome tents are transparent on top so you can stargaze all night long. We’ve set these up with great views of the night sky, and optimum privacy for the time you spend outside. As a bonus, the indoor air is controlled, which means bubble tent sleeping is an almost bug-free experience. For any of you net-zero nerds or engineering geeks, you’ll be interested to know that these bubbles are powered entirely by solar energy. Our new state of the art solar power array is “bi-facial” - it collects sun from both the top and underside of the panel!

4. Private Barbecues & Common Kitchen

Ready to camp sites and service People love the convenience that comes with having your own private barbecue at your site. You can also cook over an open campfire if that is something you’ve always wanted to try. New this year, we’re building a gazebo at our comfort station kitchen and we’ll be installing some outdoor cooking equipment there for those who want to cook meals together as a group.

3. Dark Skies

Out of this world stargazing I hope you won’t think me boastful, but I have to say that our night sky views are second to none. There is nothing as magical as looking up and seeing the stars - so many stars - twinkle above you set against the black night sky. You just can’t see that in the city to the same degree. Luckily for us, the summer camp season coincides with the Perseids meteor shower - one of the top two opportunities in the year to view shooting stars. All through July you can see an increasing number of shooting stars each night until the peak in mid-August. Our night sky guided tour was a hit in 2022, so we’re busy making connections and finding guest speakers to come and do it again this year.

2. Clean Comfort Station

Our brand new fully accessible, award winning campground comfort station will astonish you. I know this because guests have told me this over and over again.

Consisting of four separate toilets, and two showers, it’s designed to be gender neutral. It is brand new and built to meet accessibility codes, so each room is large enough to fit a mobility device and a support person. They come stocked with free castile soap, conditioner, sunscreen and feminine hygiene products. The showers have hot water. Plus we clean it like four times a day using the same Health Canada approved virus-killing disinfectant that our dentist uses. Clean really isn’t a competition for us - we lead the pack.

1. We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you’re worried about the physical need for large camping equipment like tents, or rental of smaller items like dishes, pillows, blankets or flashlights, or feeling insecure about sleeping rough in the wilderness, we’ve got you covered.

  • Our safari tents are spacious and comfortable, with an independent solar lighting system

  • Our rental program delivers everything from sleeping bags and dishes to board games and firewood

  • Our nightly fire buddy program will make sure you have your campfire roaring

  • Our free park pass lending program gives you no charge access to Algonquin’s splendour

Here at Four Corners Algonquin we are a “ready to camp” experience, providing everything you need to travel light, pull up and start your glamping getaway stress free!

If you have any concerns or questions, reach out. We are always happy to hear from you and help!

Looking to convince a friend to go glamping with you? Share this blog with them and give them 10 reasons to book their stay with you!

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