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What is Ready-to-Camp?

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Inside view of ready-to-camp Safari tent in Fourcorners Algonquin

Glamping is the best of both worlds.

Mix the comforts of a cozy accommodation with the rich experience of authentic nature.

But, there’s a new term emerging to describe many of the incredible sites and experiences across Ontario that mix a range of comforts from rustic to luxury with traditional camping - “Ready to Camp.”

If you’re new to the glamping world, it’s your first time hearing the phrase “ready to camp,” or you’ve been trying to find a turnkey camping experience that suits all your needs as a stress-free traveller or a novice to Ontario camping, then read on!

In this article we’ll cover:

  • What is “Ready to Camp?”

  • What is included in a Ready to Camp site?

  • Who is Ready to Camp for?

  • What different Ready to Camp accommodations exist in Ontario?

What is Ready to Camp?

Ready to camp is as good as it sounds - your site is ready for you to camp in, the moment you park, without the hassle of setting up and taking down a tent.

Truthfully, we only heard about this term ourselves just this past year. We discovered it from our friends across our provincial border in Quebec. does an incredible job explaining the many advantages of ready to camp. Back here in Ontario, we hope to do a similar job.

Ready to camp, or turn-key camping means that your minimal comforts - including cosy beds, a nearby comfort station and outdoor kitchen, and indoor lighting in your structure - are provided for you, so that you have less to worry about.

Every ready to camp site in Ontario is different, but you can be sure that the most important basics of your stay will be covered. At ready to camp sites, you won’t be pitching a tent with a toddler nearby, nor will you be going on day 5 without a shower.

At ready to camp sites, it’s time to travel light! Pack your clothes, pack some food - pack activities for the kids if you’re coming as a family - and that’s it. That’s all you have to worry about.

Here at Four Corners Algonquin, we would consider ourselves a “Ready to Camp” site. We have all the equipment, creature comforts and supplies you might need, plus a range of accommodation styles to suit your needs. Quartermaster Shack on-site provides any items you may have overlooked in your excitement to get out the door. Use this handy glamping checklist so that you know what you’ll need to bring along!

What is included in a Ready to Camp Site?

Each site is a little different, of course, but a true Ontario Ready to Camp site is set up to be turnkey - that means it’s entirely set up for you so that all you have to do is drive up and unpack!

At Four Corners Algonquin there is something special about each structure we offer (see details below!), but your comfort add-ons and extra touches all depend on what you want.

From full linen and down duvets to sleeping bags, blankets, dishes and board games, you can reserve these creature comforts and more from our Quartermaster Shack. We'll deliver everything to your tent in time for your arrival. We'll also pick it up again when you leave. And if you have any additional needs during your stay just place an order at the Quartermaster Shack we will bring what you need right over!

No matter which tent you book, you can expect:

  • On-site or nearby parking for your vehicle

  • A fire pit and barbeque on your site

  • Beds and interior lighting in your structure

  • Access to our comfort station (hot showers) and outdoor kitchen

  • A free day pass to Algonquin Provincial Park

Some of our sites come with a place to charge your phone and others have their own unique natural offerings, but our entire business is designed to remove as many barriers as possible to help as many people as possible reconnect with the great outdoors. Check out more about our mission, vision and values that we live out daily and will touch your experience here.

Who is Ready to Camp for?

Ready to Camp has a little something for everyone. Even the most experienced and adventurous campers might want a break from backpacking through tough terrain for a while. Or, they might want to introduce their less experienced friends and family to a natural getaway.

Ready to Camp is a way to take the load off your shoulders while also enjoying the thrill of Ontario wildlife. Combine the great outdoors with creature comforts.

Some of our most frequent visitors at our Ready to Camp sites are:

  • First-time or inexperienced campers

  • Travellers from afar

  • Those without personal camping equipment

  • Those looking for affordable accommodations

  • Families with young children (did we mention “pack and plays” fit into our Safari tents?)

  • Adventurers who want to experience stress free camping

  • Families and travelers with accessibility requirements

  • Those who thought camping was “behind them” due to age or wellbeing

  • Backcountry campers who have been rained out

  • Experienced trippers looking to introduce new friends or family to camping

Ready to Camp Accessibility

At Four Corners Algonquin, we have a special add-on to our Ready to Camp sites. We want to remove as many barriers as possible to help as many people as possible reconnect with the great outdoors. Whether it’s a tight budget, lack of equipment, minimal to zero camping experience, accessibility concerns or apprehension about camping, we provide options for everyone. We even have some tents that are mobility-device friendly (hint: try the Chickadee).

We offer beach- and trail-accessible wheelchairs to borrow at our Quartermaster Shack so that all of our visitors have access to nature, no matter their age, stage or ability.

Just shoot us an email to ask more about our commitment and approach to accessibility. We’re more than happy to help support unique needs and take away any personal concerns.

What Different Ready to Camp Accommodations Exist at Four Corners Algonquin?

At Four Corners Algonquin, we offer a selection of turnkey Ready-to-Camp glamping tents. Here’s a snapshot of what each of our tents has to offer:

​Safari Tent

​Bubble Tent

​Tiny Home/Bunkie

​Prospector Tents

​A spacious tent and a cozy king size bed.

Comfortably fits 6-8 campers. A true mix of nature and comfort!

​A clear view of the sky, day and night, rain or shine!

Our bubble tents book very quickly through our season! Act fast!

​Four walls around you and a roof overhead.

Budget-friendly and comfortably sleeps three on a bunk and pull-out mattress.

AKA the Pole Tent. True camping with a touch of comfort!

Budget-friendly, canvas tent, designed to keep the interior dry through all weather.

Four Corners Algonquin is just one of the many beautiful places you can go glamping in Ontario. Ready to Camp structures at other locations include:

  • Yurts - Round-walled structures that bridge a gap between tents and cabins.

  • Treehouses - Wooden, walled structures built up and around trees.

  • Cabins - Solid (usually) wooden structures with interior amenities.

  • Tipis - Conical, warm, tent-like structures.

Are You Ready to Try Ready to Camp?

There’s no time like the present to book your next vacation away from the daily hubbub of life. There are plenty of options to choose from if you want to go glamping in Ontario - and Four Corners Algonquin is one of the most beautiful corners of untouched wilderness in Northern Ontario.

We hope that you’ll book a stay with us. We know that you’ll enjoy your stay - because we’ll do our very best to make sure of it! Book your visit on our site.

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