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You've driven half way to the North Pole to get here.

See the world in a new way before you leave.

Engage at the

45th Parallel

Who do I want to be today?

By foot, by boat, by car, by golly
If you can get here, you can be anyone you want to be in this marvelous place


Check out these made-to-order self-guided itineraries that will deliver Instagram-worthy
experiences. Good for spring, summer and fall unless are otherwise specified

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NEW! Adaptive Sport Experiences

Thanks to the Federal Government's Enabling Accessibility Fund, we have a small but growing collection of adaptive sport equipment to help you explore the great outdoors.



Wheelchairs can be borrowed at no charge.

Adaptive sport equipment rentals at comparable rates.

Adaptive Sports.jpg

A word about campfires

Campfires are a highlight of any camping trip of course!

Campfires are permitted provided there are no local or provincial fire bans in place.

For more information here are some important and useful links.

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Campfire Safety.jpg

When should I visit?

See what's going on around town during your vacation dates.
Or, choose your dates based on our line up of events.

Whether you're looking for stargazing opportunities, or festivals,
local dances or community suppers, this calendar has you covered.

Click on an event to read more about it. Add it to your calendar.