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The best Ontario Glamping Adventures Algonquin has to offer

Engage at the 45th parallel. You’ve driven halfway to the North Pole to get here. See the world in a new way before you leave.

A presentation on huge screen at Four Corners Algonquin's Night Sky Presentation
Stars seen in a black-blue gradient sky over a dark forest
The outdoor theatre showing benches and huge projection screen at Four Corners Algonquin

Who do I want to be today?

By foot, by boat, by car, by golly...

If you can get here, you can be anyone you want to be in this marvelous place

Check out these made-to-order FREE self-guided itineraries that will deliver Instagram-worthy experiences. Good for spring, summer and fall unless otherwise specified.

A young boy reeling his fishing rod with the sun setting behind him



Whether you dream of catching the big one, or simply want to experience the delight of casting alone or with your family, Algonquin Park has the best fishing holes in the province.

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The milky way with many stars seen over a lake and forest



Planets, asteroids, shooting stars, satellites & the moon are on display nightly for your viewing pleasure, from our dark sky friendly campground.

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Leaf Peeper


Every fall day is a new delight as the forest moves through the rainbow of colours. Experience the magic in person.

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A view of forest and lakes with the leaves changing colours in Algonquin Park



Let your tastebuds give you a tour of the oldest profession in South Algonquin by visiting some of our local restaurants or cooking over an open campfire.

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Food cooking in a pan over a fire as a camper sits in the background
A bear cub curiously stands on hid legs looking over bushes in Algonquin Park

Wildlife Observer


Dedicated to the people of Ontario in1892 by way of the Algonquin National Park act,

visitors are likely to see all sorts of animals in this wonderful place.

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A woman wearing a backpack walks down the path through a forest



Take only pictures, leave only footprints as you hike Algonquin Park's famous trails and stumble across picturesque views!

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Thrill Seeker


Are you ready to invest all day in your adventure? Are you physically fit? Are you interested in seeing a lesser traveled and spectacularly beautiful part of Algonquin Park? Are you willing to assume certain elements of risk in getting there? Have we got the thrill for you...

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A river with rapids on a partly cloudy day with forest on either side



Life is better in a boat! Enjoy Ontario's best canoeing experiences right at your doorstep. Wake up, eat breakfast and head out for a paddle.

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A canoe sits empty on the shores of a calm lake with forest in the background

Algonquin Park Driving Tour

We have launched Algonquin’s 1st EVER driving tour!!!!! Calling all history buffs, storytellers, lovers of Canadiana, curators of culture, naturalists, fans of Algonquin park, educators, families looking to subject their kids to educational summer content especially on road trips, and fellow nerds alike (we say that with love) - this is a MUST check out free listening experience!

Filled with dozens of audio stories of the early days of Algonquin park and featuring musical performances including E. Pauline Johnson’s poem The Song My Paddle Sings - this tour provides a fascinating glimpse into the early days of Algonquin Park.

Tell your friends, share with your fellow trippers, tag those who love Algonquin Park and start enjoying classic Canadian stories today! Download the “Four Corners Algonquin” app today!

You can check out the app from wherever you are! Go to your App Store or Google Play and type in Four Corners Algonquin - oh and don’t forget to share this tour with a friend - because what are stories if we don’t share them?

NEW! Adaptive Sport Experiences

Thanks to the Federal Government's Enabling Accessibility Fund, we have a small but growing collection of adaptive sport equipment to help you explore the great outdoors.
Wheelchairs can be borrowed at no charge. Adaptive sport equipment rentals at comparable rates. (We anticipate adding bicycles soon)

A word about campfires

Campfires are a highlight of any camping trip of course! Impress your friends with your teepee or loghouse campfire building skills. Or participate in our free Fire Buddy program where we light your fire for you. We'll even teach you how if you prefer!

Campfires are permitted provided there are no local or provincial fire bans in place.


For more information here is an important and useful link.

When should I visit?

See what's going on around town during your vacation dates. Or, choose your dates based on our lineup of events.

Whether you're looking for stargazing opportunities, or festivals, local dances or community suppers, this calendar has you covered.

Click on an event to read more about it. Add it to your calendar.

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