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A Three-Day Stay in Four Corners Algonquin

Updated: May 30

G’Day! If this is your first time checking out Four Corners Algonquin - welcome!

If you’re a returning guest who’s looking for a new adventure - welcome back!

A Safari tent in Four Corners Algonquin suitable for three-day stay.

You could plan your own Algonquin Park Getaway…

When I plan a vacation with my family, sometimes I have fun with making packing lists and to-do lists and grocery lists, checking everything off as I pack, and planning fun adventures for every day away from home.

Or, let us do it for you!

… And then there are times where my head feels so full of the daily stressors of life that I want to drop the mental load of having to write every list, buy all the supplies, and plan a whole itinerary. I just want to calmly step out of daily life and get away for a while for a nice vacation to nature - without all the stress.

Four Corners Algonquin is considered a Ready to Camp or turnkey Ontario glamping destination. This means that you only need to pack the essentials, drive to our site, unpack, and start relaxing. If you want to just relax beside the campfire for three days straight - perfect! Many of our guests do just that. If you want to get out and explore, then read our suggestions for a fun-filled, stress-free stay.

Day 1: History and Adventure in Algonquin

First…getting here

Experience the Scenery and Stories

So you’re all packed up and ready to go! We hope your travels are safe and scenic - and we have a treat for part of your drive!

Get the FREE Four Corners Algonquin App and download the Highway 60 Driving Tour on your way to Four Corners.

Whether you’re a history buff, want to subject your kids to some educational learning, or are looking for a fun fact to impress your friends with, the app is full of stories including: articles from the early 1900s, letters Tom Thomson wrote to his benefactor, and a moving musical interpretation of E. Pauline Johnson’s poem “The Song My Paddle Sings,” along with an indigenous prayer led by Rod Nettigog of Henvey Inlet First Nations.

Talk about a great start to a glamping staycation in the true north - a little bit of Canadian history!

Also Read: Make sure to come prepared for your stay! Take a look at our top recommendations for camping gear, clothes and equipment to add to your packing list.

Next…getting settled

When you reach Four Corners Algonquin, head to the check-in booth and receive your orientation package before you go settle into your tent.

Who’s hungry?? Enjoy some pre-packed lunch at your site, or visit KM 31 in the Park and order something fresh at the Lake of Two Rivers Cafe and Grill.

When you’re ready…head into the park

Bellies are full, you’ve had a chance to stretch your legs and admire the beautiful views from your site and breathe in that sweet fresh air. Now you’re ready to explore! Double-check you’ve got your FREE Algonquin Provincial Park day passes (remember to reserve in advance at the Quartermaster Rental Program and then book your entry at the park with the pass number).

Travel to KM 43 in the Algonquin Park and head to the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre. Take in the theatre, museum, bookstore, and art gallery! Algonquin Park displays different art exhibitions throughout the year - check the itinerary on the Algonquin Visitor Centre website to get the latest updates.

Stand on the deck to view the panorama of Algonquin Park, and check out the Algonquin Park Live Webcam in advance to see the changing colours when its fall!

Pro tip: Bring dry goods and snacks with you. Perishables and fresh goods can be bought at our local Freshmart! Alternately, enquire about whether the cafe at the visitor’s centre is open.

Then…hit the trails!

When you’ve wrapped up your time at Algonquin Park, head over to the Logging Museum & Trail along KM 54.5. The trail is a lovely and leisurely 1.5 kms and you’ll be able to stop by cabins to see how the loggers lived and worked. Check out the steam-powered “alligator” and locomotive! Note: this is a favourite trail for children and it is rated ‘easy’ so it’s great for people with mobility challenges!

At the end of a long day…

Wrap up your hike, stop by for some take out in the town of Whitney (just 2km from our site) or pick up some groceries if you need them from our local Freshmart.

Enjoy dinner over a crackling fire and settle into your first night in nature. If you need anything from the Quartermaster Shack to make yourselves more comfortable, by all means - stop by or give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help you out!

Bonus: Take a look at the other museums to be found around Four Corners Algonquin

Day 2: Let’s Get Wet

Good morning!

Welcome to early morning at Four Corners Algonquin, when our visitors, our bird life, and our wildlife feel the most at peace.

Boil some water to heat up some tea, store it in a thermos, and then pack what you need to head on to the water. Whether it’s fishing, sightseeing, paddling or swimming, you’ll have access to all sorts of beautiful waterways and still lakes for you to enjoy.

Pro tip: For quick and easy DIY camping breakfast ideas, see these ideas from fresh off the grid. You can also order meals through: Algonquin Lunchbar - we recommend the breakfast sandwiches or wraps!

Day trip to the water!

Reserve a canoe and shuttle from Opeongo Outfitters! They’ll bring you and the canoe out to the water so you can paddle from Rock Lake in Algonquin Park to Galeairy Lake (Algonquin Park, Access Point 13) in Whitney for a 16km self-guided adventure. Opeongo Outfitters will also pick you up at the end to return you to your vehicle. Talk about great service and minimal stress!

Pack a lunch, snacks, and lots of water to stay hydrated during your adventure! Stop off at Rock Lake Dam for a splash in the waterfall, or take a swim in the warm, shallow waters of Farm Bay!

Pro tip: Watch for moose along the shoreline - especially where the water is grassy.

Back at the car…

Once Opeongo Outfitters has returned you to your vehicle, you can take a drive and let your arms rest after a long day of paddling.

Head toward Whitney and order some delicious dinner from the Mad Musher! Eat at the Musher’s picnic tables at the Madawaska River, take it back to Four Corners for “dinner in,” or take your meal with you as you head to Galeairy Lake Beach. Eat and then swim, or just relax in the sand as you watch the cotton candy skies as the sun sets over the water.

Back to camp…to stargaze or sleep

When you’re ready to leave those serene scenes, head back to Four Corners and enjoy a peaceful campfire, some awe-inspiring stargazing and a great night’s sleep after all those paddle hours today!

Pro tip: Listen for the wolves howling. Don’t worry, they aren’t typically close to our site, but close enough to hear an unforgettable reminder of just how wild our wilderness is.

Bonus! Visit one or all of our beautiful beaches while you visit Four Corners

Day 3: Algonquin by Bike

Last day of fun!

After you’ve enjoyed breakfast and a nice stretch, take highway 60 into the park at KM 31 and head over to Algonquin Outfitters at their Lake of Two Rivers location.

Rent bikes from Algonquin Outfitters and take a tour of the Old Rail Trail or the Minnesing Mountain Bike trail.

This costs between $21.99-$56.99 per person and your best value is to rent bicycles for the entire day (note: they have bike trailers for small children).

Pro tip: Pack up your campsite early and head out for the day so that you can explore as many trails as you’d like before you need to head home.

See you soon!

We like to say goodbye for now, and we will always welcome you back for a return trip, whether it’s later in the year or to reserve your favourite site year after year.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to our newsletter and follow-us on social media for your chance to win one of our sought-after glamping giveaways!

Some Extra Pro Glamping Tips

Prepare for a restful sleep Each of our tents comes equipped with beds. Skip sleeping on the hard ground and take in the sights and sounds of nature from the comfort of a warm bed!

We recommend that you pack your own sleeping bags and bed linens for maximum comfort, but if you don’t have the right sizes or supplies, you can order what you need from our Quartermaster Shack store on-site and we’ll deliver your items to your tent! If you get here and discover you forgot something, we probably have it and are always glad to help you out.

Reserve your Algonquin Park Day pass Every reservation you make at Four Corners Algonquin comes with access to our season pass to Algonquin Provincial Park. Be sure to pre-reserve your pass for entry! Follow our instructions through our Quartermaster Rental Program. Follow the instructions to use the pass to book your entry days into the park. You can do it all electronically and avoid the line ups.

Be fall glamping ready If you’re booking a trip in the fall, remember that temperatures in northern Ontario are unpredictable. Sometimes they drop below 0 degrees at night as early as Labour Day weekend! Other times, we have balmy temperatures past Thanksgiving. Be sure to check the weather forecast and bring extra blankets and warm jammies from home to make sure you’re extra cozy just in case. We recommend bringing clean pyjamas for each night of your stay. Wearing sweaty day-time clothes for extra layers at night won’t actually make you warm - Body oils absorbed in the fibres of your clothes during the day will wick away the heat at night.

  • Fun fact: hot pocket warmers are great to add to the bottom of your sleeping bag to help keep things toasty!

  • Parent tip: bring snow suits for kids if you plan on any night time adventures because summertime outerwear won’t cut it this time of year once the sun sets. The smaller your little person is, the more they have to work to regulate body temperature.

All our sites are conveniently located near your parking space, so you can pack for any weather without needing to worry about hauling all your stuff on a long hike to your site.

Book Your Tent

Take your pick between a prospector tent, a safari tent, tiny home (bunkie), or our ever-popular bubble tent. Browse our tents and choose the one that suits you best!

When you book your stay, check our helpful packing list for some of the supplies we can’t help you with.

Book your stay today!

Book the site you want today - because we can’t wait to show you what camping at Four Corners is all about!

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