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A pond surrounded by grasses and trees on the property of Four Corners Algonquin


Enjoy a Clean, Comfortable and Accessible Comfort Station

If you’re looking to experience camping with a fully equipped, exceptionally clean bathroom, hot showers and a place to wash your dishes, then you’ve come to the right place. 


Our newly constructed, fully accessible comfort station includes flush toilets, hot showers and a kitchen bar on the back wall with a sink and electrical outlets - glamping just a little bit easier. Plus, we’ve been told time and time again that our washrooms are the cleanest campsite washrooms most of our guests have ever experienced. Don’t take our word for it - check out how often this is mentioned in our reviews!

*New for 2023 Season* Cook and enjoy a shared meal with friends in our brand new common cooking area complete with a covered gazebo, shared propane BBQs and picnic areas.

A hand washing a dish under a tap running water at Four Corners Comfort Station

No Equipment? No Problem!

Every tent experience at Four Corners comes with a tent, bed/floor mattress combo depending on the tent, a picnic table, propane bbq (we supply the propane), a firepit and muskoka chairs. If you are looking for a budget-friendly trip, bring your own camping gear. If convenience is your top priority, you can rent anything you need from us. No matter your camping experience level, we carry all the supplies you might need for a comfortable wilderness stay.

Download our App from Google Play or the App Store to rent camping equipment, book your free park pass and borrow trail and beach accessible wheelchairs (complementary) through the Four Corners Algonquin App - The Quartermaster Shack.

If you reserve your items at least a day in advance, we’ll even prepare everything and deliver it right to your tent in time for your arrival.

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A solar panel on wooden pole in front of a Safari Tent at Four Corners Algonquin
Cell phone charging from solar power inside a Safari Tent
Solar panel attached to tiny home roof surrounded by forest

Disconnected but Not Totally UNPLUGGED

At Four Corners Algonquin, we combine simple ideas with advanced technology to deliver an authentic camping experience committed to eco-friendly, off-the-grid, and net-zero energy practices. We think the result is pretty phenomenal: while the average Ontario personal household creates upwards of 15 metric tons of carbon in a year, our best estimates tell us that Four Corners Algonquin creates less than 2 metric tons, and that’s including all the wood our campers burn. 


Eco-friendly means that we think about each and every business decision we make from the perspective of preserving the environment. First and foremost, we strive to reduce our energy consumption with energy efficient building construction and tools. Some of our tents and much of the camping gear we rent through the Quartermaster has been carefully selected from reuse retail outlets. We purchase in bulk to reduce packaging. We recycle as much as we can locally.


Off the grid means that we are not connected to the Ontario power generating system. Our advanced photovoltaic systems power our full service comfort station and our 24/7 bubble tents. Some of our solar panels are ‘bifacial’ meaning they are so efficient, they can collect the sun both in front of the panel and from behind. These systems are used to charge a smaller portable battery system when we need to deploy hydro to other locations at our site. 


Net zero-energy means that we produce on site at least as much electric energy as we consume. We’ve absorbed the high upfront cost of these technologies in favour of environmental gains expected over twenty years or more into the future. We balance out our usage and consumption daily with battery storage and careful planning, weather forecasting and usage projections. If you’re on site during a grey spell, you may even notice how we power down certain non-essential electric services so we can keep the main services functional. This carefully choreographed dance is unfamiliar in urban places, but one we feel genuinely privileged to choose.


The ideas are simple. The technology is state of the art, expensive and requires ongoing investment in skill and maintenance by our staff. These choices mean that we can provide both an authentic wilderness experience and superior service to our guests while helping our planet and our community thrive. 


Did you know that while it is common for our neighbours to experience hydro outages several times a month, we are one of the only locations in South Algonquin that almost never experiences hydro outages at all? (Plus, we also offer guests free wifi!)

Our Guests Love Their Comforts!

Two canoes cross a calm lake surrounded by forests
Couple in Nature

Steve G., Google Review

Fantastic Glamping experience! Sites are private and well kept including stone fire pits and solar powered above ground tents. The comfort station ads to the hospitality with clean, newer, modern style washrooms and shower. Hosts were extremely accommodating!

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