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Growing Up Wild - Easy Outdoor Adventures for Every Family


Dive into 40 inspiring and actionable tips, including 30 unique sensory experiences and practical advice for kid-friendly camping.

Raising three kids in the lap of nature has taught Angela Pollak, PhD, not just the joys but also the nuances of family camping. As an experienced camper, owner of Four Corners Algonquin, and a dedicated mom, Angela has tailored this guide to help families like yours embark on their first outdoor adventure or enrich their existing nature experiences.

Inside the Guide: Tools & Tips for Stress Free Family time in Nature

  • Making the Most of It: 30 Unique Sensory Experiences: Explore sensory-rich activities that connect your children with the natural world in an engaging and educational way.

  • Stress-Free Camping for Beginners: Gain 10 practical tips to ensure that your camping experience is as relaxing as it is memorable.

  • Tips for a Child-Centred Camping Trip: Learn how to plan outings that are fun and safe for children of all ages, ensuring they are happy, engaged, and eager for more.

  • Why Camping Benefits Children: Discover how camping sparks curiosity, nurtures resilience, and builds lasting family bonds.

Your Next Adventure Awaits!

With a special discount at Four Corners Algonquin included in the guide, your family is just a tent flap away from the wonders of Algonquin Park. Get 10% off your trip with this special discount code!

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