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How to Make the Most of Ontario’s Staycation Tax Credit

Find out how the new Ontario Staycation Tax Credit works and if your 2022 stay at Four Corners Algonquin is eligible for reimbursement: Hint - it is!!

  • What the new Ontario Staycation Tax Credit Is

  • How the New Ontario Staycation Tax Credit Works

  • Why Is the Government Offering the Staycation Tax Credit?

  • What Types of Staycations are Eligible for the Tax Credit

  • Who Can Claim the Staycation Tax Credit

  • Is a Stay At Four Corners Algonquin Eligible for the Tax Credit?

It turns out glamping is as good for your pocket book as it is your health. Last year’s camping frenzy is expected to continue into this season as the province offers tax credits to Ontarians for local travel.


Tip #1 - Don’t wait to book your Algonquin Glamping stay!

Was it as hard for you to find a camping site last year as the media reported?

Stories from last season about people getting up at the crack of dawn to compete for camping spaces at Ontario parks as soon as new sites were released were all over the news starting in February 2021. As dust settles on last year’s wild and crazy camping season, it seems these reports are mostly true – Ontario Parks tells us that campsite reservations have seen record level, triple digit increases in demand, with reservations having doubled since the onset of the pandemic.

At Four Corners Algonquin, we are expecting the staycation tax credit to make camping and glamping one of the most sought after summer vacations again this year.

What is the Ontario Staycation Tax Credit

Now offering a twenty percent tax rebate on spends at campground stays in Ontario, the province is hoping to boost hyper-local travel and tourism and encourage residents to explore parts of the province both loved and unfamiliar. The hope is that by doing so, we can stimulate our own health and the tourism economy at the same time.

Promoting outdoor experiences like camping and glamping is pretty clever. Facing the prospect of rotating lockdowns and restrictions carrying on into the new year, staying ‘well’ is not only a top priority for many households, but many have been exploring what exactly ‘wellness’ means in their own individual situations.

The connection between spending time in nature and good physical and mental health is indisputable. In the aftermath of a global pandemic, camping vacations are also known as easy to plan getaways that are close to home, affordable, and above all, safer than hotel vacations. No matter your virus worry level, having your accommodation all to yourself is a big plus, especially when that accommodation is located in the forest – nature’s best air-filter.

Enjoy a Staycation to Remember at Four Corners Algonquin

Bubble tents under the stars, tiny homes deep in the woods and breathtaking canvas safari tents nestled beside a tranquil brook - you don’t have to go far to experience an awe-inspiring and memorable vacation.

Glamping experiences at Four Corners Algonquin really shine when it comes to ease and accessibility. For people who just want a simple, no fuss getaway, we provide all the basics for you. Spacious tent – check. King size bed – check. Propane barbecue – check. We even provide tea towels and soap in the kitchen. No need to own or pack heavy camping equipment, or fight crowded campsites at Ontario parks when you come here.

For those of you who feel camping is an able-bodied, young person’s sport, we’ve got you covered too. We are reimagining what accessibility means in the great outdoors across the lifespan. We have a fully accessible comfort station with hot showers, and several tents that are accessible for people who use non-electric mobility devices. Thanks to support from the federal Enabling Accessibility program, we also have mobility devices like beach and trail wheelchairs we lend out at no charge.

Private Algonquin Camping and Glamping Spectacular Sites

We have about two dozen sites, with a range of tent styles spread across ninety acres of wilderness, so while you are not alone, you still enjoy way more privacy than at most Algonquin Park highway campgrounds. Our safari tents sleep groups of four and six persons. Our one-of-a-kind solar powered bubble tents are a not-to-miss experience. And for those travelling on a budget alone or as a couple, try our affordable pole tents that offer almost all the same amenities as our other tents, but at less than half the price.

Every reservation also comes with complementary Algonquin Park pass borrowing privileges which will save you the $20 admission fee into Algonquin Park. Plus we have the cleanest, best outfitted public bathrooms within a hundred kilometre radius. (We also offer free wifi for those of you who need to maintain a connection to school or work - But don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss if you don’t.)

How the Ontario Staycation Tax Credit Works

Ontario residents travelling for leisure between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022, who stay at Ontario campgrounds for less than a month at a time will be able to take advantage of the tax credit. Individuals are eligible for a credit of up to $200 and families are eligible for up to $400 if they provide receipts when they file their 2022 income tax returns, provided the receipts are not reimbursed by another party (an employer, for example). For more information, see the announcement here.

Your Glamping Stay at Four Corners Algonquin is Eligible

Glamping stays at Four Corners Algonquin are eligible for the tax credit, and are a great opportunity to revisit or test-drive a glamping experience to see if it’s something you like. For those of you who have camped with us before, this season you’ll notice we’ve been hard at work on improvements over the winter and spring to our comfort station and outdoor kitchen. We’re adding a sheltered barbecue area, picnic tables, and if all goes according to plan, a children’s playground.

Early media coverage suggests occupancy rates will exceed 85% right through to Thanksgiving, with July and August dates going first, so you’ll want to plan ahead and book early. If you’re worried about how to snag your spot or if you find that your preferred dates are already taken, consider booking a stay midweek, in June or early-mid September, or checking back often for cancellations.

Ready to enjoy your 2022 Staycation stay at Four Corners Algonquin? Book now!

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