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Find the Perfect Tent for You: The Top 5 Tents at Four Corners Algonquin

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Asking me to choose which tent is my favourite is like asking a mom to choose which of her kids is her favourite. At our house at least, favourite isn’t a permanent designation - it’s a moving target depending on circumstances (like, you know, who’s done the dishes, who lost the tv remote, whether homework is done or not. All you mom’s out there - I know you get this. I see you!).

To help you find the perfect pitch for you, below we’re highlighting our top five tents and which sites are our most popular based on booking stats and guest reviews.

Safari Tents: Enjoy a Classic & Comfortable Glamping Getaway

Our safari tents are the staple product in our roster and they are always a favourite. They are spacious, ranging from about 150 square feet to about 180 square feet. We deck them out with a king size bed, two floor mattresses, lights and a rug. The sites come with a campfire pit, picnic table, and a propane barbecue. Our large safaris also come with an additional 2 twin beds to sleep six. If you ask me which of these are my favourites, I’ll tell you this:

  • Chickadee is my favourite cozy site, nestled in the woods.

  • The Guide is my favourite tent for families because there’s so much space around it and it’s close to the comfort station.

  • The Buckeroo, Burler and Buckwheat are my favourite group sites because you can camp separately, while still camping together.

  • The Beaver Tail is my favourite site for stargazing.

  • And our new safaris in the pet friendly section are delightful because your whole family can enjoy them, including pets.

Bubble Tents: Experience a One-of-a-Kind Way to Stay

The bubbles hardly need an explanation at all for why they are a fan favourite.

We ordered these custom made from a company in Arizona, and 2022 will be the first year we’ve been able to deploy all three of them at the same time.

The otherworldly experience of entering the bubble through the airlock chamber is like getting into a spacecraft, leading to a bug free experience that has you stargazing all night long. You don’t hear the forest sounds while inside these tents because the fans have to stay on, but many people tell us they find the noise comforting and familiar. We’ve seen people doll these tents up with pillows, blankets, glow-in-the-dark toys like balls and bracelets.

My favourite part is seeing the delighted faces of the children after they’ve spent the night in one. We’ve called them Bubble 1, 2 and 3 for now, but we’ll be launching a campaign to give them better names this year. Watch for it!

Pole Tents: Traditional, Classic, Charming and Affordable

Our pole tents are former military tents deployed in the Yukon. They’re small - just big enough for two people, but they are also our most economical choice. At just $69 including a park pass ($21 value) and a propane barbecue (we supply the propane), it’s cheaper and way more convenient than camping in the park. These tents are built on a deck so they’re always dry, and we’ve tucked away two mattresses in each, equivalent to a queen size bed. Because these tents are so tiny, they are also the warmest on cool nights - there’s less airspace to heat with your body temperature. These are my favourite for people looking for a truly authentic camping experience, or those traveling on a budget. We have them spaced out throughout the camp, some on sites together (like the mossy corner tents) and some on private sites (like the Hilltop tent). Check our booking page for availability! Watch for the Lumberjack and Lumberjill in the new pet friendly section in 2022.

Bunkies: Our Whimsical, Wonderful Tiny Home Experience

If you’re like the kind of folks who prefer a door between you and the great outdoors, we have two very popular tiny homes - bunkies we call them - to keep you dry and warm and comfy at night.

Our Play bunkie is so named because it is a playful little space (only about 80 square feet) that sleeps up to three guests in a twin over twin bunkbed plus floor mattress. It’s perfect for 3 friends, a single parent and two kids, or even for solitary travelers on a budget. You’ll do most of your living at this bunkie on the porch or out back by the campfire and barbecue. Inside is mostly just for sleeping.

Our newest addition to the tiny home family, Deacon’s Landing, is slightly bigger. At 108 square feet, it holds a king size bed and is perfect for a couple or a romantic get-away. The site is very private, sheltered by the trees, and has a lovely stone hearth campfire. The porch is lit up with string lights at night time, which gives a delightful glow to the surroundings.

Both tiny homes come with the same solar powered interior lights you’re familiar with in our tents.

NOTE: Because of community wide issues with housing in our area, one or both of these tiny homes may be reserved for staff housing and so become unavailable to book. When they are available, they tend to go fast. So if you see either available, you’ll want to grab one before it’s to late.

Belle Tent: A Romantic Wilderness Retreat

Ahh, the bell tent. We only have the one - the Belle of the Woods. Such a romantic little tent. This one is new this year and I find it delightful. More space than a pole tent, but still very authentic and just as comfortable with soft, cushy mattresses for sleeping on, this one comes in at a price point between the pole tents and the safaris. The perfect escape for a couple, or a couple with a small child. Catch your belle while dates last!

Find the Perfect Pitch for You

Whether you’re looking for a classic glamping getaway, or a once in a lifetime experience under the stars, we have the pitch for you. Here’s some final tips before you think about booking your stay:

  1. Our Bubble Tents book solid every weekend of our season. If this is on your bucket list and you’re considering a weekend stay, we recommend you don’t wait to book.

  2. Our site is usually booked solid during the height of the Perseid Meteor Shower, usually the second week of August. If you’re looking to go stargazing, we recommend booking in advance.

  3. If you’re looking to save a bit more off your stay, we recommend joining our mailing list. We don’t spam you, we send out around 4-5 emails a year, each often containing a special discount just for subscribers!

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