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Journey along the Algonquin highway 60 corridor

Updated: May 30

The Highway 60 Corridor through Algonquin Provincial Park extends approximately 56 kilometres (35 miles) from the West Gate to the East Gate. This scenic roadway traverses the heart of the park, offering access to various attractions, trail heads, and recreational opportunities along its route. 

Travellers can explore the diverse landscapes, forests, lakes, and wildlife habitats that make Algonquin Park a beloved wilderness destination. 

Whether driving the entire length of the corridor or stopping at key points of interest, visitors can experience the beauty and tranquillity of Algonquin's natural surroundings throughout the journey.

In this blog we’ll tell you about: 

  1. The Algonquin Highway 60 corridor 

  2. 5 hidden gems along the Algonquin Highway 60 corridor

  3. Discover Algonquin Park West Gate

  4. Explore Algonquin Park East Gate

  5. Algonquin Highway 60 driving tour

Algonquin Park welcome sign
Welcome to Algonquin

The Algonquin Highway 60 corridor 

The Algonquin Highway 60 corridor stretches below the southern border of Algonquin Provincial Park. The Highway 60 corridor is around 57 kilometres long between the East and West Gates of Algonquin Provincial Park, as well as the access point to many smaller trailheads and local landmarks. 

Although Highway 60 is less than 60 kms long between the two entrances to Algonquin Park, it spans much wider than that. Highway 60 is actually closer to 170 kms long, connecting Huntsville with Renfrew, Ontario. 

Highway 60 was designated in 1937, so it’s been around a long while. The road itself has a history, and you can learn all about it in the Algonquin Highway 60 audio-tour – but we’ll talk more about that later!

Right now, what you want to know is what the Algonquin Highway 60 corridor is and why it’s important to you if you want to travel to or near Algonquin Provincial Park. 

The Algonquin Highway 60 corridor is an access point, and has so much to offer that the road itself is a good reason to visit the Algonquin Park area, at any time of year. 

From the Algonquin Highway 60 corridor, you can access: 

And these are just the things you’ve probably already heard about. There are also some great hidden gems that you should know about as you travel along the Algonquin Highway 60 corridor so that you don’t miss out on one-of-a-kind experiences! 

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5 hidden gems along the Algonquin Highway 60 Corridor 

While you might have heard about the stunning scenery and popular attractions along the Algonquin Highway 60 Corridor, there are some hidden gems waiting to be discovered. These are the 5 hidden gems you won’t want to miss.

1. Serene waterfalls

Did you know that tucked away in the heart of Algonquin Provincial Park are some hidden waterfalls just waiting to be explored? Away from the hustle and bustle of the main attractions, these serene cascades offer a tranquil retreat amidst nature's beauty. Take a break from the crowds and immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings of these hidden gems along the Algonquin Highway 60 Corridor.

a small rocky waterfall
Peaceful Waterfall

2. Night sky views

Algonquin Provincial Park is designated as a Dark Sky Preserve, making it the perfect destination for observing the wonders of the night sky. Venture out along the Highway 60 Corridor after dusk and prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking display of stars above. Whether you're an astronomy enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of the cosmos, the Algonquin Highway 60 Corridor offers unparalleled opportunities for stargazing.

Read about stargazing in Algonquin Park and take a grand tour of the night sky.

3. Indigenous heritage sites

Step back in time and discover the rich Indigenous history of the Algonquin Highway 60 Corridor. Throughout the park, you'll find archaeological sites, petroglyphs, and cultural landmarks that bear testament to the enduring connection of the Algonquin Anishinabe people to the land. Take a journey through centuries of history and gain a deeper understanding of the traditional territory of the Indigenous peoples who call this place home.

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4. Spectacular seasonal views

Did you know that Algonquin Provincial Park boasts unique natural phenomena throughout the year? From the mesmerizing dance of the northern lights in winter to the vibrant hues of fall foliage reflected in the park's lakes, each season brings its own distinct beauty to the Algonquin Highway 60 Corridor. Embrace the changing seasons and witness the awe-inspiring sights that await you along this scenic route.

Find all the best places in Algonquin Park to see the fall colours.

5. Ecological restoration

Join the efforts to preserve and protect the natural ecosystems of Algonquin Provincial Park along the Highway 60 Corridor. Participate in tree planting initiatives, habitat restoration projects, and other conservation efforts that help safeguard the park's biodiversity for future generations. By engaging with these ecological restoration projects, you can make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to the long-term sustainability of the Algonquin Highway 60 Corridor.

Experience personal restoration through forest bathing even as you observe the ecological restoration ongoing in the area! 

So, as you plan your next adventure to Algonquin Provincial Park, be sure to venture off the beaten path and explore these hidden gems along the Highway 60 Corridor while you’re on your way toward the East and West Gates to enter Algonquin Provincial Park.

Discover the Algonquin Park West Gate

The Algonquin Park West Gate is the entrance to Algonquin Park at the west end of the Algonquin Highway 60 corridor. 

The West Gate hosts an information station, rest stop, and park access, and is also the home of the Fen Lake Ski Trail during the winter months if you’re travelling through the off-season. 

The West Gate is open year-round and is located at km 43.6 along highway 60, and is located nearest to Highway 11, which means it is the busiest gate leading into Algonquin Park. 

For a quieter entrance and less traffic, travel further down the Algonquin Highway 60 corridor to the East Gate!

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Explore the Algonquin Park East Gate

The Algonquin Park East Gate is located at km 55.8 along the Algonquin Highway 60 corridor, and is home to the administrative headquarters of Algonquin Provincial Park. 

Like the West Gate, East Gate has access to information and rest room facilities, as well as access to trail heads and waterways for those looking for day trips by foot or by water in the area. 

Nearby features include the Algonquin Logging Museum trail, the Opeongo Access Point, and local amenities in the quaint and charming small town of Whitney, Ontario. In Whitney, you can find amenities and creature comforts including access to waterways, restaurants and cafes, fun solo and family activities, and various accommodations.

Although the East Gate also sees busy periods during the peak seasons of summer and fall, the East Gate is far less congested than the West Gate when it comes to entering Algonquin Park. 

This year, check out the East Gate entrance to the park instead! The best part is, you can experience the first-ever driving tour that will fill you in on the rich history of the area as you travel from the West Gate to the East Gate along highway 60. 

Algonquin Park East Gate entrance
Algonquin Park East Gate

Algonquin Highway 60 Driving Tour

While you’re driving along the Algonquin Park Highway 60 Corridor, you can experience Algonquin’s first drive-through audio tour that will teach you about the history of the area while you’re travelling past well-known landmarks. 

Every road has a story to tell – and the Algonquin Highway 60 corridor is one of Canada’s most famous roads. 

Check it out by downloading the audio tour on Google Play, or from the Apple App Store

This narrative experience is a great background to your drive from the West Gate to the East Gate, and will fill you in on all kinds of great tips and details about the area. 

Looking for your place to stay in the area? You can book a stay with us today. We can’t wait to see you! 

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