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Barron Canyon from a lookout viewpoint in Algonquin

Algonquin Thrills

Thrill Seekers & Adventurers Welcome

Are you ready to invest all day in your adventure? Are you physically fit? Are you interested in seeing a lesser traveled and spectacularly beautiful part of Algonquin Park? Are you willing to assume certain elements of risk in getting there? Have we got the thrill for you!

Barron Canyon and High Falls Cheater Trail

This one of a kind hike uphill both ways (kidding - it just feels that way!) ends in a fabulous grotto of water pools, a rock water slide, and cliff jumping. It's a view unlike any other in the region,  and one that's guaranteed to please. Bring your friends, your swim suit, your lunch, and lots of drinking water.

(Pro Tip: Remember to book your park pass
before heading out - you'll need it to enter the
Park at the access point.)

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