The Kissing Tree

There's a beautiful spot hidden in the centre of our property where the beavers used to build a dam. To get to it, you have to take a short path and hop across a small waterfall. Just past the waterfall stands a little clearing. And in the clearing you'll find these two trees wrapped around each other for dear life. Now at least 100 years old, they somehow survived the forest fires of the 1920s, when all the bush for miles around was reduced to ash. They've been through the heat. They've been through the floods. The earth here is shallow, but their roots are deeply enmeshed with the solid granite rocks underneath.

We have many places on the property where we can still see the charred remains of centuries old trees that perished in the fires, but this is the only place you'll find two trees clinging to each other in such harmony. For us, it represents many feelings and qualities: Hope. Companionship. Endurance. True Love. Resilience. A "Bloom Where You're Planted" philosophy. You can decide what it means for you.

The view of the fen from here isn't bad either...