29924 Highway 60
PO Box 420

Whitney, Ontario, K0J 2M0

(613) 637-2000


GPS: 45.5064° N, 78.2528° W

Open May 29- October 12, 2020


Off-grid. Eco-friendly. Net-zero energy.

Socially Responsible.

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Kindness Makes the World Go 'Round

Four Corners Algonquin is a progressive, pro-social business keen on

rural community building. We participate in initiatives
designed to grow great humans and better communities.

(Especially in rural places.)

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Guest Leader Program

If you are willing and able to lead a group of our enthusiastic campers on an ‘adventure’ based on your talent, skill, or knowledge, you can stay with us for FREE!

Charitable/Non-profit Partners

We will partner with charitable and non-profit groups to help you bring your group to camp with us at
significantly reduced rates. Call for details or click for information about nonprofit and group booking discounts.

Strong Readers = Stronger Communities

Studies show that community plays the biggest role in closing the urban-rural reading gap. This year, Four Corners Algonquin is pleased to be partnering with the Dolly Foundation to bring free books to children in the Township of South Algonquin aged 0-4 years every month.

(check back soon for a link to more information and how to give)