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Visions of Stars in your Eyes?

Let us help...

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Night time Weather Forecast

So as not to disappoint anyone, calling Four Corners Algonquin an 'observatory' is a bit of a stretch at the moment. But we have some magnificent night sky views, and terrific places to observe from. Check out the weather forecast below, customized to our location courtesy of the Canadian Meteorological Centre. The darker the blue under the "Sky" section, the clearer the sky is expected to be.

The chart and legend for interpreting it are available from

A Lineup of Stars

Brought to you by the Cosmos Itself

Planets, asteroids, shooting stars, satellites & the moon are on display nightly

for your viewing pleasure, weather permitting. Check out the calendar below for
special celestial events this summer
Click the event to learn more.

Whether you’re a guest of ours or not,

come view the stars at Four Corners Algonquin.

We provide the dark sky and the comfy chairs.

You bring a blanket in case the night is cool.


Please note:

To maintain the darkest skies, our property is not illuminated at night time.

Be cautious of pedestrians when driving.

Be quiet after 11:00pm as a courtesy to our sleeping guests.

Supervise children at all times.

For a calendar of events visible to the naked eye, with small telescopes or binoculars, visit and enter our coordinates 45.51N Lat 78.25W Long, -5GMT