29924 Highway 60
PO Box 420

Whitney, Ontario, K0J 2M0

(613) 637-2000


GPS: 45.5064° N, 78.2528° W

Open May 29- October 12, 2020


Off-grid. Eco-friendly. Net-zero energy.

Socially Responsible.

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Stars in your eyes? Let us help...

Clear Sky Chart

So as not to disappoint anyone, calling this an 'observatory' is a bit of a stretch. But we have some magnificent night skies, and terrific places to observe from. The clear sky chart to the right is available from the Canadian Meteorological Centre and customized to our location. The darker the blue under the "Sky" section, the clearer the sky is expected to be.

The chart and legend for interpreting it are available from http://www.cleardarksky.com/c/4CrnsObONkey.html?1