29924 Highway 60
PO Box 420

Whitney, Ontario, K0J 2M0

(613) 637-2000


GPS: 45.5064° N, 78.2528° W

Open May 29- October 12, 2020


Off-grid. Eco-friendly. Net-zero energy.

Socially Responsible.

Read our Land Acknowledgement here

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visit AlgonquinPark.net for more info about the park

The chart and legend for interpreting it are available from http://www.cleardarksky.com/c/4CrnsObONkey.html?1

For a calendar of events visible to the naked eye, with small telescopes or binoculars, visit In-the-sky.org and enter our coordinates 45.51N Lat 78.25W Long, -5GMT