Adaptive and accessible camping and sport isn't just about creating options for people with physical impairments. In fact, it's not actually about impairment at all.

It's a way of thinking about the space we occupy that makes it universally useful to people of all ages, stages and abilities. It's about keeping things and activities within reach of the range of human abilities across the lifespan. It's about flexibility.

That means, for example, making sure the options we offer appeal to all our friends:

experts & novices, children & seniors, the neurotypical & neurodivergent, risk-takers & risk-avoiders, the gender-variant, and of course, also the handicapable. It's about meeting people where they are so they can get to where they want to be.

The Quartermaster Shack

29924 Highway 60
PO Box 420

Whitney, Ontario, K0J 2M0

(613) 637-2000

GPS: 45.5064° N, 78.2528° W

Open July 1 - October 12, 2020


Off-grid. Eco-friendly. Net-zero energy.

Socially Responsible.

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