6 Reasons Why You Need to Try Glamping This Summer

Updated: Jul 23

If you have never thought about glamping before, now is the time.

As New York Times journalist Adam Grant points out, there’s a word for the joyless and somewhat aimless feeling many of us have experienced in 2021: languishing. At Four Corners Algonquin, we have a treatment for this feeling, and it’s camping with a ‘g” - glamping.

Glamping at Four Corners Algonquin is Algonquin Park camping at its simplest and easiest. Right next door to Algonquin Provincial Park on 90 acres deep in the Canadian Shield, you and your ‘bubble’ can experience the wellness benefits of camping without the set-up, gear, or common discomforts. From transparent bug-free dome bubble tents where you can stargaze all night, to prospector tents, bunkies and more, Four Corners makes camping - well, glamping - easy, relaxing and accessible.

Here are 6 reasons why you should glamp at Four Corners this year:

1. No equipment or experience necessary

No tent? no sleeping bags? No problem! Whether you’re a city person with no room to store camping gear, a busy young family who would rather not pitch tents and sleep on rocks, or just the type of person who enjoys a blend of comfort and the outdoors, we have the glamping option for you. Choose from a variety of tents and experiences that suit your needs and preferences. We’ll even deliver the firewood, pillows and boardgames right to your site.

2. Accessible camping options

“Accessibility” means different things to different people. At Four Corners Algonquin, accessibility means glamping with us is:

  • Affordable - We have priced our nightly rates at almost 50% lower than our competitors to provide a budget friendly experience to our guests

  • Respectful of different ability levels - Four Corners Algonquin prioritizes flexible, adaptive and inclusive strategies for camping across ages, stages and abilities. Read more about our adaptive sport experiences.

  • Wheelchair-friendly - we offer trail- and beach-friendly wheelchairs, which are free to borrow at all times

  • Simple - families, couples, experienced campers and newbies alike, we’ll help make your stay at Four Corners Algonquin a breeze

  • Safe - we have the most modern, well-equipped accessible comfort station in the region, sanitized four times a day. We also have staff on site at all times who are trained in both first aid and how to manage wildlife risks

3. Reduce stress, depression and fatigue

Lockdown has taught us the value of being outdoors. If you’re one of the 52% of Canadians experiencing physical or mental health impacts as a result of the pandemic, a weekend spent glamping can support your journey to improved wellbeing.

Getting out in nature, breathing fresh air, changing your routine and experiencing a new environment are all methods to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Scientists are still trying to understand just how this works, but the more we learn the more we are certain that time spent outside is beneficial for the mind, body and soul. A visit to Four Corners Algonquin can help you reduce symptoms of stress, depression and fatigue. As we like to say, we can help you “glamp it off.”

4. Experience Algonquin Park

Have you ever witnessed a moose crossing a lake? Slept under the awe-inspiring Northern Lights? What about crackling campfires with your kids? Experience all that Algonquin Park has to offer (with the comforts you’re looking for). We’ll provide you with a free park pass so you can hike, rest, breathe, connect with wildlife and truly reset.

5. Quality time

Spend quality time with your bubble outside the city limits. Physical distancing is built-in to camping experiences making it among the safer covid activities you can enjoy this summer. Get away from home, screen time and to-do lists, and settle in with a board game, a book, and stories around a campfire. The best part is, you won’t have to set up a tent or remember to pack your games – we have everything you need to help you get back to basics.

6. Sustainability

We’re off the grid, socially responsible and net-zero energy, which means we produce the energy we consume on-site. Sustainability isn’t a gimmick at Four Corners Algonquin - it’s who we areWe’re doing our part to keep Algonquin beautiful and accessible for generations to come. Experience what it’s like to live off the grid for a while.

If you’re looking for the best campground in Algonquin, it’s time to put a “g” on your search. Glamping at Four Corners Algonquin provides the experience you’re looking for with convenience, flexibility and fun.

What are you waiting for? Your adventure starts here.

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